Friday, May 16, 2008

Split Keyboard

Last week we did The Stand, but only used the chorus as a build to another section of the service. Before our rehearsal, we weren't sure how many times we would play through the chorus before moving on. I didn't have the luxury of programming every bit of the synth/bass combination I normally would use for the style of The Stand. 

Because I intended on playing it live, I split the keyboard using the programmer on the combinator and assigned one portion to the bass and another portion to the synth. I played it live (not with Live, which would be entirely different... ;) ) and we were able to use the sounds which would normally be assigned to the loop and click track. If you want to download and play this patch, make sure you play a very legato style with your left hand to keep the bass from sounding too punchy.

The idea of splitting the keyboard isn't revolutionary, or excellent by itself, but using the resources around you is an important aspect of making your services remarkable.

Hope all of your weekend experiences go well...

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