Sunday, July 26, 2009

Glory to God Forever

Ok, so we did this tune this Sunday with a choir, and it was a lot of fun. Though it's simple, it's constant message is amazing. So, I'm posting the loop we used.

The beginning of the song is different than the way Fee plays it. We replaced the one measure of acoustic guitar with synth, and the click signal is where the whole band comes in. I think it cleaned it up for live use, but it wouldn't take much to change it back. Other than that, the arrangement is exactly like the single (looking forward to the full album by the way!).

Glory to God Forever - RNS
Glory to God Forever - split - MP3
Glory to God Forever - MP3


CKiedrowski said...

Hey how did you do that electronic loop part on the 1st verse - email me

Billy said...

Love the loop for Glory to God. I was trying to download the "split" file by right clicking on the link but instead of getting the "download linked file as" option (like I do on the other two tracks), the only options I get are "save link as." Then it forces me to give it a .html extension. Any suggestions on how I can get this file? I'd love to have it. billyl at sagebrush dot cc

Seth Durbin said...

Hey man,

I'm the Worship Director at a church in Leadington, MO called The Bridge. . . We recorded a live CD a while back for our congregation and I used the loop you made on it. I didn't think about it until the other day that this song had a loop that someone else made on it, so I thought I'd try to track you down and make sure you were ok with us using it. . .

You can email me at sethdurbin31 @ gmail dot com


Hector said...

hey man i downloaded the RNS file and shows a signal but no sound any help thanks.

Ben Worcester said...

Try looking at your audio settings in preferences. Possibly you don't have an audio interface selected.