Friday, May 15, 2009

Jesus Saves

We've done Tim Hughes's "Jesus Saves" several times around Easter, and it is a great opener. If you haven't heard it, try it out, it's a really cool high-energy opener.

I made this loop for it, and had my friend Jake (@jake_eyler for the tweeters out there) play the guitar track. I looped it in ReCycle, so you need this rex file. When it asks you for it, point it to the right location and you're good to go. However, Kyle Campos (@kcampos) has pointed out on his blog that Reason has developed a cool new product called Record that will make using pre-recorded sound in the live setting way cooler. Look for new developments on that front to come.

Jesus Saves RNS
Jesus Saves Guitar Riff
Jesus Saves MP3
Jesus Saves split MP3

1 comment:

josh smith said...

Do you have a chord chart for this - in particular the intro? If you do could you email it to me at

smith640 at msu dot edu

thanks man