Friday, June 20, 2008

Video background music

So, this week we needed some music for a video background. We're using a video as a transition, and needed some audio that grew dramatically, then tapered off, so, I used a few of my favorite patches, then put this together. 

Interesting things, it didn't playback on my hp laptop I usually use for Reason, so I had to move to the MacPro in the office for the faster processor. It contains a lot of involved combinators, so it was processor intensive. I also wanted to add reverb and distortion in different levels for different sounds in a ReDrum kit, so I patched each individual channel output into a channel on a new mixer. It's a bit tedious, but you can really tweak it out that way.

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Will said...

Hey Ben, This is will ( man I love this little tune... so much so that I've done some adding of my own to it... almost a complete song. I think it would be awesome to come up with some anthematic lyrics for it. here's the link: