Sunday, July 20, 2008


On Fee's We Shine album is a song we've done quite a bit, and this is one of the first I tried using ReCycle to make a sample that I would use in Reason. We were doing Faithful this weekend, and I thought I should post it. The beauty of using ReCycle is that it creates Rex loops that can be processed like any other device in Reason once it is exported. So, for the first part of the verse, the rhythm guitar is panned (listen to the "non-split" mp3) and has a different eq. Then, when the rest of the band comes in, it's deeper and centered.

Our arrangement is in B, and it follows this order: 

V1, 1/2 CH, V2, CH, BR, CH, BR, 1/2 CH

To use the Reason file, you'll need the Rex file below.

Also, you can find Fee's song on iTunes here.

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